Price 350 AED per Hour

Includes water, ice and soft drinks

Speed boat yachts are the perfect blend of luxury and thrill, offering an exhilarating sea experience unlike any other. These vessels combine the elegance and amenities of a traditional yacht with the speed and agility of a speed boat, promising an adventure that’s both exciting and comfortable.

The allure of a speed boat yacht lies in its performance. With powerful engines and sleek design, these yachts can achieve impressive speeds, making them perfect for those who crave a bit of adrenaline on their sea voyage. Whether you’re racing across the open water or cruising along the coastline, a speed boat yacht delivers an unrivaled sense of freedom and excitement.

But a speed boat yacht isn’t just about speed. It also provides the luxury and comfort you’d expect from a yacht. You’ll find spacious decks for relaxation, well-appointed interiors, and state-of-the-art amenities, ensuring a comfortable and enjoyable journey. Some speed boat yachts even come with extras like water sports equipment, turning your sea adventure into a fun-filled excursion.

Speed boat yachts are versatile too. They’re ideal for a range of occasions, from family outings and friends’ gatherings to romantic sunset cruises. And with their speed, these yachts can take you to explore multiple destinations in a shorter time, making the most of your sea adventure.

In conclusion, speed boat yachts offer the best of both worlds. They blend the thrill of speed boating with the luxury of yachting, promising an unforgettable sea experience. If you’re seeking a unique and exciting way to explore the sea, a speed boat yacht is the perfect choice.